Dax and Hypnosis for Sarcoidosis

I am still learning about all the many ways sarcoidosis can have effects on someone. The issue right now that has caught my eye initially because it affects many other areas and that is breathing. So whether we are looking at athsma, emphazema, or other breathing issue, these are things that I am planning on exploring with Dax.

As with all things when I post these lists. I am simply sharing results about hypnosis and sarcoidosis. I am strictly sharing the links, and in no way endorse anything here. Just serving as a collection of results that I found in my searching

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DISCLAIMER: Dax is fictional and an assistant to the subconcious mind. Even though medical words are used in this post, MasteryHypnosis.com and Dax make no medical claims. Medical words only present for web and user search.