Dax the Dragon is a fictional character that is used as part of a program of storytelling, self-improvement and also just entertainment.

Although the storytelling is using hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with metaphor and other techniques, the technology an approach is based on science. However we specifically are not claiming any medical or curative aspects.


We like to take the best of what current science and peer reviewed, as well as peer-suggested based on anecdotal repeatable results to create our storytelling and change work.

The approach from medicine and therapy is often more of a top down approach and we come at these changes from the completely opposite direction from the bottom up looking to make specific changes to the neurological pathways and neuro-plasticity changes.


If you are currently using medications, seeing medical or therapeutic providers, please continue to do so. This content and membership is seen as part of a teamwork approach and we want you to continue seeing providers until such time as appropriate.

Although we do not make medical or therapeutic recommendations you may find various providers as such on this site or in our content and we welcome you reaching out to them, however, those relationships are only indirect with us.