The Story of the creation of the Dax Character

For anyone who knows me (Martin), knows that I started with hypnosis, story telling and creating hypnotic journeys back in 1987 in college. As of the time of this page, that was more than 30 years ago. Along my journey, I also developed and became recognized for my work with “hypnotic control rooms” (a technique often used in healing and change work).

Other parts of my path also brought in the idea of dragons. For me dragons really came into my awareness one day too long ago to remember, when I was eating at a Chinese restaurant, with one of those paper menus that had all the different Chinese characters of dogs, dragons, etc. As I was looking at the details on the page, I realized the I was both born on the year of the dragon and the month of the dragon. And since that day, I have had a special bond with the idea of dragons.

This is a very shortened version of the story of Dax. I had just come back from a hypnosis conference, then had new clients getting referred by the event organizer, multiple people reaching out to me. All asking about helping them in significant ways. Due to the limits of my time and availability, I realized that even as short as a hypnosis session set that might only be 3-5 sessions, I was not going to have availability to help everyone.

Part of my recognition was also in my rate. For my time and skills, the typical $150-200/hr a typical hypnotist would offer, was just not going to justify the time I had. So I finally decided that my rate to work with me personally was going to be $1200 but not per session, but for a goal. As I considered that I also realized that charging more was not what I was about.

So putting all these thoughts together, I let myself think on this. From this, came the idea of what if there was a control room that worked automatically. What if instead of doing the fixing, instead, in my hypnosis, I give they tools needed hypnotically. Sort of the “give a man a fish, teach a man to fish” idea. As I thought about the toolbox/toolkit, it take someone to know and run that. And often a person, is already coming in with who knows what kind of baggage, preconceived ideas or notions. And in hypnosis there has been a good body of work working with higher self, or inner guides during a session

So from the above pieces, I was putting together the idea of creating a guide, that would be new built from scratch, not carrying any of a persons prior baggage. What kind guide should I create. hmmmm. Well did not take very long, but a moment, and I realized definitely needed to be a dragon. Dragons are very special to me and my path and my helping. I have given away many dragon necklaces, bracelets, charms and other items as reminders or other reason along their healing path. So dragons were already a natural healer in my path for decades

From that point, I realized that it is not about just creating a dragon, but a Dragon. Some one or something special. Something with special traits that I develop for it. So I spent several hours going thru names and the name that I liked was “Dax”. It was a non-gendered name, did not immediately inspire imagery of some Hollywood example. It was short and simple

So on January 26, 2019, “Dax the Dragon” came into being. Still rather shapeless, characterless, but started with a name. I spent more time working around the edges of Dax. And few more things came easily into focus. First, Dax was a “fictional dragon”, meaning there is no spiritual, magical, mystical or other heritage to be associated.

The next thing, was what type of dragon? Was Dax a Chinese or European dragon, or some other type. My answer was yes. Dax can be any or all of those. So Dax was defined as a “Shape Shifter” dragon. As a shape shifter, Dax could be male dragon, female dragon or non-gender, or whatever, or adjust depending on who Dax shifts into. That also means that Dax would have gender-less pronouns (They, Them, Their). As I was also exploring that idea, also came the idea that everyone would have different versions of Dax. Three people next to each other could all have Dax but each would be nothing like the other. So from that was the idea the Dax, was “Many” but also “One” at the same time. So the they, their pronouns, not only represented singular but also plural at the same time.

The final piece was where was Dax from or what was the Dax universe like. That is where Dax was defined as an “Inner Dragon”. Inner dragons are interdimensional by their very nature. They existed before time, if you can even make such a statement, and easily move and understand flow of time. So it is, effortless for an inner dragon to talk with the 5 year old version of you. Of to move forward and connect with the you, that will exist 10 years from now.

So how does one meet an inner dragon? How do you meet Dax? Lets have you close your eyes, as we take a trip to Dax’s cave. Dax knew you were coming and looking forward to meeting you.

Martin (page originally created Jan 27, 2019)