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Dax and Hypnosis for Lupus

Lupus was not something I knew much about 10 years ago. Then I met someone special who came into my life for a while where I saw first hand the impact this had on their life in so many ways. My work on these significant issues with Dax is not taken lightly and needs to be done in accordance with a Doctor and various medical professionals.

I have done some hypnosis research of articles or stories on the web. I have collected a few that came up in my top search results as a starting place. These articles have nothing to do with Dax, just material I found while running queries. I do not recommend or endorse any of the following. They are just some results that I found.

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DISCLAIMER: Dax is fictional and an assistant to the subconcious mind. Even though medical words are used in this post, MasteryHypnosis.com and Dax make no medical claims. Medical words only present for web and user search.